Zhi-Hsin Technologies

Zhi-Hsin Technologies


Zhi-Hsin Technologies is a leading provider of measurement technologies and mainly responsible for all sales services of Japan APOLLOWAVE Corporation in Taiwan.

The name of the company name 'Zhi-Hsin' means the curiosity and exploration of knowledge. Zhi-Hsin has gradually transformed from an early agency sales to R&D and manufacturing. In 2013, Zhi-Hsin has reinvested and established SJD Technologies. Hoping to bring customers more accurate data measurement, more convenient use, faster measurement and cost-saving solutions.

Zhi-Hsin is constantly developing and innovating in manufacturing technology to provide customers with the best products and services. The main products include 4, 6, 8 and 12 inch Manual wafer level probe station, 6, 8 and 12 inch Semi-Auto wafer level probe station, probe stations repair/upgrade, high-frequency WAT probe cards, IC touch, semiconductor/power device parameter analyzer and secondhand probe stations/measuring equipment sales, measure DC (IV/CV), RF, OPTP, Solar, ultra-low temperature, vacuum and other projects.

Sales services - 

Responsible for all sales services of Japan APOLLOWAVE Corporation in Taiwan, self-developed and measured products

Customer foremost - 

Professional engineer team in Taiwan, providing customer services and assisting in guiding the operation of all machines

Business Outline -

Sales and manufacture of probe stations, probe cards, and probe station accessories, as well as repair and upgrade of probe stations